Help us save the bees

The Streetlight Bee&Bee

The Streetlight Bee&Bee is an unique beehotel made out of sustainable materials that can be placed on lantern poles. This way, we can make urbanised areas more bee friendly.

The Streetlight Bee&Bee is designed to help solitary bees find nesting places in urbanised areas as they are on the endangered red list. Solitary bees are different from honey bees and do not produce honey nor live in a hive. Because they do not produce honey, they don’t have to protect it and are therefore non-aggressive. This makes the Streetlight Bee&Bee perfectly save and friendly to bees and humans. 

Photos are taken by Florine Zegers.

The beehotel that can be placed on lantarnpoles in your municipality/parc

Provide your garden with a Bed&Breakfast for bees

 Mini Bee&Bee

The Mini Bee&Bee is the ultimate design for a small Bed&Breakfast for bees providing places to sleep and on top, a place to grow our bee friendly plants and flowers. It consists of 4 compartments, one for plants (bee breakfast), two with tunnels for bees to nest in and one hiding place for other pollinators as butterflies. The design is tested thoroughly and bees love it! 


Why do we need to save the solitary bees?

75% of our crops is dependent on pollination. This means that when bees go extinct we will have a lot of difficulties to produce enough crops to feed all mouths. Due to the use of pesticides, agriculture and urbanisation is becomes harder and harder for bees to survive.